German School of Canada
is offering students a rewarding learning and vacation experience in Canada.


Study in Canada....Study and experience the hospitality of Canada and have fun as a Canadian or International student using our unique language programs.
The German School of Canada (G.S.C) is loacted in Vernon, in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, which is between the city of Vancouver and the city of Calgary in Alberta.
G.S.C is an international private school, providing a great selection of German Second Language(GSL) and English Second Language ESL classes and residence/homestay programs.
Why study in Canada? Canada is rated as one of he best countries in the world in which to live.  Canadians are well known for their kindness and for their openness to other nationalities and cultures.

International Students German School Canada
We have English programs to help you achieve your language and learning goals. Learn English quickly and well from our experienced instructors who specialize in teaching ESL and GSL to foreign language speakers.

Outside of class, meet new friends and enjoy a wide range of special social activities that give you a chance explorering Vernon and the Okanagan. Create memories to last a lifetime. 




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Why study in Canada?

Canada is consistently rated as one of the best countries in the world in which to live. People in Canada are well known for their kindness and for their openness to other nationalities and cultures.





Vernon (population: 38,968) rests at the north end of the Okanagan Valley in a landscape as welcoming as its people.

Surrounded by rolling grasslands with rocky outcrops and stands of ponderosa pine and Douglas fir, its three lakes and mountain views in every direction command attention.

When driving through Vernon on Highway 97, there might not appear to be much to this city, but turn right or left off the highway and the diversity of attractions is truly surprising.

Nature remains Vernon's biggest asset. Famous champagne powder at Silver Star Mountain Resort, just 22km/13mi from downtown, attracts skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers and snowmobilers. In summer, myriad hiking and cycling trails explore every area from the historic Grey Canal within the city to the nearby provincial parks and the rugged Monashee Mountain Range. Mountain biking is also a big draw at Silver Star.

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